Saturday, March 24, 2012

New Classes & a sneak peek at Seasons of Witchery & Witches Tarot!

Good Morning,
Things have been crazy here lately. I have been working on another book proposal, finishing the Witches Tarot Book, and should be getting proof pages for Seasons Of Witchery next week!

Seasons of Witchery will be released on June 8, 2012 and is available for pre-order now on Llewellyn's website as well as So combine working on three different projects at once, with the new series of classes I just set up for April, and the fact that our daughter is moving back home tomorrow and well... you get the idea.

The new live and in-person classes will run for three consecutive Sundays in April in the St. Louis area. Here is the information. I am really looking forward to seeing all of the students from the last series- and hoping to meet some new students as well!

Practical Magick Series Part II 
Class Dates- Sunday- April 15, 22, and 29
Time: 2:00 to 4:00 pm.
Place: Wellness Center (Chapel of Love & Light)
1600 Boone's Lick Road
St. Charles, MO. 63301
Class fee $30.00 each or attend all three classes for $75.00 and save! (Payment for all three classes is due in full at the time of the first class.)
Ages 18 and up are welcome.
Need more info? For more information, directions to the Wellness Center, or to pre-register for classes, please contact Ellen via email at

The Four Natural Elements and Personal Power- Class date- Sunday, April 15
A class that focuses on the deeper magick of the four natural elements; earth, air, fire and water. This is a more advanced look at the magickal elements. Here you will learn how to work with the magickal energy of the elements and how to incorporate their power into your life. This class will include a group discussion, homework assignments and a class group ritual.

Your Elemental Strengths: Removing Blocks Correcting Imbalances- Class Date- Sunday, April 22
The second class in the three part series looks to your personal strengths. What elemental powers and gifts do you favor, and what elemental challenges do you face or lessons are you lacking in? In this class we will look at ways to acquire wisdom with all four of the natural elements in a balanced and personal way. This class will also include a group discussion, journal exercises, homework assignments and a class group ritual.

The Goddess and the Natural Elements- Class date- Sunday,  April 29
This final class in the three part series takes a deeper look at the Goddess and her connection to the four natural elements. The Maiden, Mother and Crone aspects will be discussed as well as the Goddesses of earth and water, air and fire. This class will also include a group discussion, journal exercises, homework assignments and a class group ritual.

Wheel of the Year by Wen Hsu
And for the sneak peek I promised. This is one of the interior illustrations for Seasons of Witchery. The artist's name is Wen Hsu. This is the "Wheel of the Year". There will be many illustrations inside of Seasons of Witchery. Faeries, mermaids, an autumn garden... in fact I have not even seen all of them yet- when I get the proof pages I finally will. By the way, here is the artist's blog if you want to take a look at her other enchanting artwork.

Witches Tarot Coming September 2012
In other news... I mentioned that my Tarot deck art is nearing completion. I am working frantically on the book as the art comes in. I wish you could see more of the art from the tarot deck in bigger images- it is stunning.

But, I can give you this little peek- the image just to the right is from Llewellyn's website. The three cards pictured clockwise are- the High Priestess, The Knight of Cups (My oldest son Kraig posed for that card- looks just like him) and the Two of Swords. The cover of the box is The Moon Card with a border... so actually you are seeing four cards.

The artist's name for the Witches Tarot deck is Mark Evans. He is amazingly talented. Oh and before someone asks, I scripted and designed the deck, and am writing the accompanying book. He is doing the gorgeous artwork. here is the link to Mark's website if you are interested in seeing his jaw-dropping fantasy art.   

Here is the box cover a bit larger for you. And here is another little secret- that's Hecate represented in "The Moon" card. Yes, the deck is up on Amazon and you can pre-order it as well.

Witches Tarot by Ellen Dugan art by Mark Evans
Well, I have some gardening to do, some book research, and then I have to help my daughter begin moving home. Enjoy the sneak peeks!
Blessed be, Ellen

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ready or not... Spring is here!

Good Morning,
For the past week I have been working in my gardens cleaning out the beds and pruning back old perennial foliage and stems. We have had 80 degree weather for the past four days, so the plants are growing by leaps and bounds.
One of Ellen's perennial beds- freshly mulched
I have personally laid down over 800 pounds of mulch... (If your wondering how I know the pounds- well it comes in 50 pound bags, and I have hauled and carried and dumped no less than 20 bags of mulch in the past few days.)

My husband put the kibosh on my work-till-you-drop-garden-extravaganza on Tuesday. That was the day I raked out the bottom half of the yard, bagged leaves in compost-able bags, hauled about a dozen of those big compost-able bags to the curb for yard waste recycle day, and built a 4 foot tall compost pile with the rest of the leaves. Then I cut back the secret garden, and hauled and laid down about 12 bags of mulch-- by myself, in various flower beds all over the yard... In my defense- it was warm, sunny and hey, I was on a roll.

I was literally staggering in the yard that afternoon when my husband woke up and came out to talk to me. I went to answer him and apparently I made no sense. He turned around went back inside and then handed me a glass of juice and told me to go eat something.

Blood sugar crash, table for one, please.

So I drank my juice, ate a protein bar and came back outside feeling really loopy, only to find that he was hauling more bags of mulch around and finishing up one of the beds for me- before he went in to work a 10 hour shift. I listened to the "are you crazy?" lecture and (for once) didn't argue with him.
Typically I work on the beds in the spring a little at a time. But this year spring didn't come tiptoeing in. It just said "BOOM! Here I am!" and that sent me scrambling to keep up.
Forsythia blooming in Ellen's yard

At the moment in my neighborhood EVERYTHING is blooming, saucer magnolias, forsythia, quince, plums, and those damn Bradford pears...
Yeah, yeah, I hate those trees, the most over planted tree in the mid-west and when they all bloom they smell like a dirty cat box. Not to mention what they do to folks with allergies. When we get the mass bloom of bradford pears, everyone in town suffers.
I woke up with a stopped up head this morning, and even my 24 hour allergy medicine is laughing at the level of pollen in the air from the Bradford pears. They get me every year.

Hyacinth blooming in Ellen's garden
On the plus side my gardens look terrific. Yesterday my friend Kina, came over to help me finish up mulching the beds in the front yard. My husband had lectured me again on not overdoing it and I behaved myself and only hauled and laid down 6 bags of mulch- with help.

Once the beds were done, Kina and I picked up and then dumped the two year old potting soil out of the big 3 foot long flower container into the waiting wheelbarrow. (That old potting soil is great for my compost pile.) Then I filled the big container with fresh potting soil that will feed any flowers planted in there for 6 months. This time-release potting soil is new product my husband brought home from work for me to try out.

Kina and I then sat, she on an overturned bucket and me on the edge of the porch, and planted up the big old container by my front door with multicolored pansies and violas.
It's been a long time since I planted flowers with a friend. I tend to be pretty territorial with designing and planting my planters, containers and window boxes... But being up to our wrists in soil, laughing, planting flowers and brainstorming about ways to bump up Kina's gardens at her house was really fun.

 As soon as my coneflowers break the ground and can be transplanted I am going to pot some up and take some coneflowers over to Kina. She has a spot along her driveway that is full sun. I'm thinking Munstead lavender and purple coneflowers would do well there. After all flowers are meant to be shared.

I texted her yesterday to say thanks for the help, and she finally texted back late in the evening. She had been inspired to rake out her own gardens and had been working in her yard all afternoon and evening. Plotting for new flower beds at her home.
Apparently the gardening bug has just bitten my friend. I had to chuckle, and now I can't wait to help her with her own soon-to-be-flower gardens in a few weeks.

Spring is here- ready or not. So, go rake out last year's leaves, trim back the old perennial foliage, mulch your flower beds and plant some flowers with a friend.
Blessed be, Ellen
Garden Witch's Herbal by Ellen Dugan

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Happy Full Storm Moon

Good Morning,

As the moon waxes towards full, I have begun the "clean out the gardens" process here at home. With a mild winter and a spring determined to come early this year... it's time. My tulip and daffodil foliage is about 4 inches tall and my perennials are starting to show new growth. Definitely time to clean up, cut back, and rake out the fallen leaves.
I leave the perennial foliage and seed heads of my plants stand all winter long. It is much more attractive than a razed-to-the-ground garden in the winter, and this provides cover for the animals and snacks for the birds during the winter.... But the clean up and rake out job in the spring is huge.

I got an hour in and filled up 2 huge yard waste containers, and 2 more of those tall yard waste compost-able bags on Monday. Yesterday I hit the garden again and busted ass out there for 3 hours. Filled up 6 of those tall paper yard waste bags... and I only cleaned out three big flower beds.

I still have about 6 more flower beds to go... Two of those beds are huge. The Secret Formal Garden at the bottom of the yard is massive and the rest of the flower beds that wrap all the way around the house are good sized. But I will keep working my way around our yard until I get them all ready for spring.

With the esbat coming tomorrow I wanted to share a pretty March/ Storm Full Moon spell with you. Light a small white candle and turn and face the moon. Visualize all of the positive things and new beginnings the spring will bring. Then repeat the spell verse.

Beaneath the light of March's storm moon so bright,
I am thankful for many blessings tonight.
Spring is coming, the time of balance and growth begins,
Four elements bless me now, earth, fire, water and wind.
I celebrate the bounty of the good green earth,
Lord and Lady bless me, granting health, peace and mirth. *
* Copyrighted Spell- by Ellen Dugan

When the spell is finished, allow your candle to burn out in a safe place.
Happy Esbat! 
Blessed be, Ellen
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The Bracelet of Witchery

The winner of the drawing will be announced on Sunday, March 11th 2012.
You can sign up for my affordable online classes on my website. Just click on the "Online Classes" tab at the top of the page. Good Luck!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Prosperity Magick- wanna know more?

Tomorrow I am teaching the third in my series of Practical Magick Classes and the topic for this class is Prosperity and Abundance Magick.  I have written lots of prosperity spells over the years. I have entire chapters on the topic of prosperity in my books, Cottage Witchery, Herb Magic for Beginners, 7 Days of Magic, and Book of Witchery. 

Prosperity Magick is always a popular topic, and honestly the lure of casting a spell and having money appear "like magick" is very attractive to darn near everyone.
But the truth is prosperity magick, like any other magick, is more complex than most folks realize.

There are clever ways to attract prosperity and abundance into your life, and believe it or not it all starts with you and your outlook, and what mood you are in when you cast the spell. If you want to attract positive things into your life then you need to put aside fear and embrace the idea that prosperity is everywhere, and that there is more than enough to go around.

In my class tomorrow I will be teaching the students about the colors, crystals and herbs that are most complimentary for this type of spell work- but I will also teach them much more.
We are going to look at the Law of Attraction, astrological and lunar timing for best results, and how to avoid those "rookie Witch mistakes" so their prosperity spells don't backfire.
This is going to be a fun class. If you live in the St. Louis area, you should come out and join us. Here is the class information. Hope to see you there!

Class Date: Sunday March 4
Time:  2:00pm
Class fee:
Wellness Center (Chapel of Love & Light)
1600 Boone's Lick Road
St. Charles, MO. 63301
Ages 18 and up are welcome.
Need more info? For more information, directions to the Wellness Center, or to pre-register for classes, please contact Ellen via email at 


Just for fun here is an "extra spell that I wrote for the Magical Almanac back in 2009. Try out this sunrise spell for yourself and see how it works for you.

Work this spell at sunrise and take a moment to embrace all the magick and possibilities of a brand new day. There are no accesories needed for this spell, just yourself, your intentions, and the sunrise. This spell is an affirmation of sorts. Where you re-affirm your vows as a Witch and invite positive things into your life.
Directions: Turn and face east. Feel the warmth and power of the sun wash over you. Ground and center yourself, clear your mind. Smile and be positive and upbeat. Then when you are ready, repeat the spell verse.

As this new day begins, I stand and greet the dawn,
May I help and heal others, and bring no harm.
I rejoice in the promise of a new magickal day,
May it bring me success, and prosperity in the best possible way.*
*Copyrighted Spell by Ellen Dugan

Blessed be, Ellen