Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Summer of the Hydrangeas!

Sorry it has been a while since I posted anything. But it has been crazy busy here at home. Seasons of Witchery is just released, and I am doing the proof pages with my editor for the Companion book for the Witches Tarot this morning.

Nikko Blue hydrangea in Ellen's garden
Meanwhile in the gardens my hydrangeas are massive this year and so heavily laden with blooms. It is such a treat. Hydrangeas may be used in spells and charm to break a hex and to protect from negative energy. I recommend gathering the bloom heads in autumn when they are dried for this purpose. 

Color variations on one huge hydrangea
If you would like to add hydrangea blossoms to your indoor flower arrangements you need to treat them first- otherwise they wilt immediately. Also be advised if you go crazy and cut a bunch of blossoms- you are cutting off bloom wood for next year. (Especially on the old classic varieties of hydrangea, the Nikko Blue variety to be specific.) The color variations in the pictures are due to the soil acidity. If the soil is acidic Nikko blue hydrangeas turn a crazy shade of blue. If not... they stay pink. Or you can add Mir-acid in water and water it in around the plant and you will get variations of colors. Pink-purple and blue.

To treat the hydrangeas for cut flowers, start a small pot of water boiling on the stove. Only fill that pot half way. Then go out and gather your hydrangeas for cut flowers. strip the foliage from the lower part of the stem. Then CAREFULLY move the pot of boiling water to the sink.

Use a pair of tongs to keep your hands clear- and to hold the hydrangea stems and dunk the very ends into the boiling water. Be prepared that the water will react and bubble up strongly when you dunk the stems in. Hold the stems in for 10 seconds. I had a hell of a mess all over the top of my stove the first time I tried it. So now I keep the water level down, use tongs to hold the stems and put the pot in the sink. So if the hot water bubbles over the sides of the pot. It stays contained in the sink. Afterward you have treated the ends of the stems, arrange your hydrangeas in a vase.
The Witchery Series by Ellen Dugan

That's all from here. Enjoy the summer because it's here early this year!
Blessed be, Ellen

Friday, May 11, 2012

Preview of the Cards from the Witches Tarot!

Good Morning,

Well I have only waiting about 2 and a half years to do this.... So here are a few cards from my new Witches Tarot deck that will be released in September 2012.  Mark Evans (the artist) and I have been busy.

We have created a Facebook page for the deck, and there we will be sharing six previously unseen card images over the next week. Here is the link to the Facebook page- www.facebook.com/WitchesTarot

Once you hit the Facebook page for Witches Tarot be sure to "Like" it!  Keep checking back over the next few days as a total of six cards will be loaded up only on that Facebook page!

Also Mark has set up a website for our deck. It will be coming together in the next month or so. The website will feature the cards-- and will be a place to order the special art prints, posters, and other wonderful goodies Mark is putting together from the deck.
I have seen one of the art posters as a mock up. Its going to be gorgeous, magickal and Witches are going to want one of these posters- bad!

Here is the link to our deck's website- www.witchestarot.com
Be sure to Bookmark both of these links!

On Thursday, May 10th Mark and I shared this card on the Witches Tarot Facebook page. It is the Major Arcana card, The World. 

The World card- Witches Tarot 2012
While the deck is based on traditional Rider/Waite imagery I designed and scripted lots of witchy flair into these cards! To my mind there is no better representation for unity, completion and the natural world than the Green Man.

Today Friday, May 11th we have shared a Court card from the Witches Tarot, and she is stunning. This is the Page of Pentacles.

Page of Pentacles- Witches Tarot 2012

Notice the white hind in the background and the blooming magnolia tree. The magnolia is associated with the element of earth- and it makes a enchanting addition to this card. A young friend of mine named Ariel posed for this one. I love all the details and I promise all of the meanings of each card- and the magickal symbolism from every card is fully explained in the Companion book that comes with the deck.

You can pre-order the Witches Tarot at Amazon.com if you like. (They have a special price going at the moment) Here is the direct link to amazon. http://www.amazon.com/Witches-Tarot-Ellen-Dugan/dp/0738728004/ref=la_B001ILHHTW_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1336741404&sr=1-1

 Enjoy this special preview and be sure and hop over to the Facebook page to see more cards as they make their debut! Blessed be, Ellen

Witches Tarot Ellen Dugan & Mark Evans